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Cabomba Caroliniana

Cabomba caroliniana is an aquatic perennial herbaceous plant native to North and South America.

It's a very beautiful aquarium plant. It doesn't require high light or special care.

Green Cabomba grows very fast in all conditions.

To propagate a new plant cut the stem and put it in the substrate and it will grow as a new plant.


About this item

  • A single Cabomba Caroliniana pot contains 8-10pcs of the plant.
  • This plant doesn't need artificial CO2.
  • Green Cabomba grows very tall. So, the suitable place to plant this plant is Midground and Background.
  • Provide a minimum of 5 to 6 hrs of light to grow healthy
  • You can float this plant in your aquarium. But it is recommended to put it in the substrate (like gravel, river sand or normal sand, Aqua Soil).
  • We send this plant in a Pot. So, we recommend that after receiving the product at the list keep the plant in the same pot for at least 4 to 5 days to acclimatize. Then you can take it out of the pot and plant it according to your need.


Types of Cabomba We Have

Green Cabomba

(Cabomba Caroliniana)

Red Cabomba

(Cabomba Furcata)

Cabomba Caroliniana Aquarium Plant
Red Cabomba Aquarium Plant

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