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White Ceramic Ring Filter Media
Brand SaukSe
Suitable For All Types of Aquarium Biological Filter. Like Canister Filters, Power Filters, Sponge Filter, DIY Filter
Net Quantity Available in 200gm, 400gm, and 800gm packs.
Why use Filter Media
  • These filter media are very effective. They help remove Toxic Ammonia, Nitrite from water. and give your fish clean water to swim.
  • Capable of supporting large populations of water purifying bacteria
  • Before using the product it should be washed thoroughly to remove dust particles and other small broken pieces
  • You can use this Filter media in Aquarium filters, pond filters, water treatment plant,s etc.

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Animals & Pet Supplies > Pet Supplies > Fish Supplies > Aquarium Filters
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Aquarium Filter Media
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800gm, 400gm, 200gm
1 Pack
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Customer Review From Google

Ceramic ring filter media The ceramic rings are very porous, although they look solid, there are zillions of tiny holes in them, and that makes it an ideal home for the cycle bacteria that you want in the filter. Ceramic rings are extremely porous, which provides a lot of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Due to its cylindrical shape, water flows through it easily and makes it less likely to clog. With fine and porous holes, provide the area for the auspiciousness of nitrifier, with good effect of aeration to provide oxygen for the nitrification good for decomposition of residue.